Aluminium alloy door window is developing toward the direction of high - grade energy-saving, soundproof

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Aluminium alloy doors and Windows are developing towards middle and high grade energy-saving and sound insulation.The traditional solid web, hollow steel doors and Windows to be being washed out gradually for its comprehensive performance is poor, people also gradually developed a variety of color plate of satisfying different needs doors and Windows, stainless steel doors and Windows and take off the energy saving of hot color plate doors and Windows;The use of high-grade wood doors and Windows, aluminum doors and Windows will increase.In the window of model steel window in the products is the most common use of the product, but the model steel window common low wind resistance and watertight performance, large window shading area, high thermal expansion coefficient, thermal aging problems.Wooden window can bring scene, ventilation, diversion, daylighting, heat insulation, sound insulation, heat preservation, and coordination in the decoration of the inside, is the construction of the indoor environment of the flag, is gradually becoming the life trend of the consumption of high-grade door window.Consumers have higher requirements for environmental performanceOn the function, consumer put forward higher requirement to the function such as heat insulation of door window more, prevent ultraviolet ray.According to holy nature wood industry association, doors and Windows of energy consumption accounts for more than 70 of building energy consumption, the energy consumption of Windows and doors are mainly by conduction, radiation and convection, respectively from the box body materials, glass, processing precision several aspects to consider.In recent years, consumers have become more aware of energy conservation and environmental protection.Aluminium alloy door window material is differAnalysis on current situation and demand of energy-saving Windows and doorsThe appearance of aluminium alloy door window is open bright, firm and durable, but, as the demand market share unceasingly saturated, the competition between aluminium alloy processing industry also becomes more and more apparent.Full Windows and doors co., LTD. Chengdu New Year when it comes to aluminum alloy doors and Windows industry competition chaos reluctantly said: "some processing producers to reduce cost and obtain more market share, sliver in material, use low quality material for composite processing, eventually leading to good and bad are intermingled of market of window of aluminium alloy door."Plastic steel doors and Windows market chaosThe market of window of window of model steel door is quite jumbled, the price of same section material differs greatly because of fittings and processing craft.Normal market, the horizontal open window of double layer glass commonly, every square metre is in 400 yuan left and right sides, the horizontal open window of majority hollow glass exceeds 1000 yuan every square metre.The defect of window of a few model steel of inferior quality is very apparent: the auxiliary material such as pressure bar, seal does not match with main section material, exterior is coarse, close performance is poor.The thickness of steel brace of inferior model steel door window is not up to standard, need not steel brace even, its service life can shorten greatly so.Door and window diversification makes door locks a popular productThe diversification of the door decided the door lock also can become popular product necessarily, a lot of individual character contain adornment colorific lock already entered the door of consumer gradually.China's lock industry is increasing its investment in new and high technology of locks year by year, and the market demand for high-grade locks is also increasing year by year.Lock making enterprises have also developed such as IC card electronic lock, electronic code lock, encrypted magnetic card lock, building intercom anti-theft system, valve lock and so on.Other companies are developing fingerprint locks.Because the high-end lock technology content is high, more prominent humanized, personalized features, so the product profit is relatively high.With the rapid replacement of lockset products, high-end lockset will gradually become the mainstream of lockset.Removable screen Windows are favoredMs. Lee is considering changing the window to us, when we installed Windows and doors, didn't install screen window, is later fill up, use is aluminum, open the window when the old with the noise of the shout, very hard.And the back patch screen attached to the window, looks very ugly, as if an extra piece.It has always been my biggest regret that I didn't choose detachable screen Windows. Now the spring wind and sand are very big and dirty, not to mention the cleaning.14.jpg